Sunday, May 31, 2009

Honestly The Dog Ate It.

Remember when back in school when somebody used the excuse that the dog ate their homework and everyone in the class went "sure he did". Well I now believe that person. This week I tatted a bunch of simple butterflies for a events coordinator to hand out when people signed up for tatting lessons that I am going to be teaching. I set them down on the coffee table and when I went to get them as I was leaving they where gone. I looked around and there was Ali my dog eating the last ones. YES my dog ate my homework and to make matters worse when I got home she had decided that after 2 1/2 years she would eat her first shuttle. Ali is in the dog house for a while but I must say she has been having some pretty poops.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Redecorating Revealed

Well it is time for the big reveal. We have finally gotten around to redecorating our bedroom and we decided to go with bold and dramatic. The colour scheme is Port Plum, Cloud Cream and your basic white ceiling.

I was really happy with the bedspread set that I found as the burgundy stripe in it was a perfect match for the walls. I don't know about others but I like a bedspread that goes to the floor and with having a water-bed you have no use for a bed skirt so I used it to make a large bolster pillow for the foot of the bed.

At the foot of the bed is my favorite blanket chest of the many that we own. It is an antique, hand carved Chinese, camphor lined blanket chest and I love how the red tones of the wood blend with the room.

Stained glass figures decorate the window that is dressed with wooden blinds and curtain panels of linen and lace in cream.

The picture over the bed was painted by a friend and the frame was made by my neighbor and I finished it by painting it with the trim paint and then dry brushing it with a dark green stain. I am very happy with how it turned out as I have been looking for a frame for this picture for 13 years.

The last special feature is for night time and that is the copper lanterns and picture with a light. The copper lanterns have pillar candles in them that are lit with LED lights and run of rechargeable batteries. They actually flicker like real candles and you cannot tell them from the real thing. The picture is lit with a battery powered LED so there are no hanging cords.

I hope you enjoyed your tour and please leave feedback as I would be interested in your thoughts on the redecorating.