Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The View From Here

Hi Everyone.
This week I thought I would share a couple of pictures to show you what is in bloom right now and the views we have from our back deck. Right now we are in dry season and have not had a drop of rain since the middle of December. During this season we also get very high winds which dries things out even more. As you can see the only green grass we have right now is around the palm trees which we have been watering.
On the one corner of our property is a very old huge tree and right now it is covered in small orange blooming orchids. It is amazing how nature plants things. 

In our garden the one Bromeliad is blooming and in different spots on the property these Amarilys have popped up and come into bloom.

The following are views from our porch of the mountains that surround us with all there lush growth.

This one shows our coffee plants which really need a good rain which will happen next month when we start to get our torrential rainfalls.

 Bye for now.


Maureen said...

You're living in a beautiful place!

cepage1ca said...

Thank you Maureen. It is indead a beautifil place to be with all the mountains that surround us.