Tuesday, March 8, 2016

All the Blooms

Hi Everyone.
The weather here is beautiful right now with daily high's around 25C and lows of 18C so very comfortable the only downside is that we are in dry season so we have not had a drop of rain since late December but this is the season when a lot of tree's and plants come into bloom so I thought I would share some pictures with you. 

This is our very large Pear Cactus.

This is a Yucca that is in bloom. 

These are our coffee plants that where in bloom for 2 days.

The following pictures are of the blooms and fruit of our very large Malay Apple tree. You have to stand under the tree to see them well because they bloom along the branches and the leaves cover most of the blooms. The fruit is tasty and sweet but a soft texture. The neat thing right now is that the area under the tree is bright pink with all the fallen blooms.

My next posting will be of my Tatting progress on a very large doily I am presently tatting and maybe some of my Origami. Happy Tatting everyone.


Maureen said...

We have the same blooming yuccas in our garden too! - but I don't like them. The one we planted when we moved to this new house had been a happy little pot plant until the day it's roots sank into the ground. It grew-and grew - and had babies - and when we thinned it out, more came. Much too large now for a suburban patch, so it's days are numbered.
Looking forward to the tatting post!

Jossa40 said...

I'm glad you came back! I was waiting inpatiently for your pictures, tatting works and your comments about souranding world.

cepage1ca said...

Hi Maureen. Some of the Yucca plants around here are 20 feet or taller. When they start to get to tall what I do is chop them down and then take the top foot of the plant and stick it in the ground so it can start over.

cepage1ca said...

Jossa40. Thank you for your comment and I promise there will be lots of pictures.