Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Another year older and definitely a year wiser. It has been a rough year but I survived it and am looking forward to the challenges and blessings the next year will bring. I am looking forward to being able to post better quality pictures as Gregg bought me a new camera for my birthday.

The camera is a Fujifilm S1800 and it is 12mp with 18X zoom. I am really looking forward to playing with this.

" 'Feeling good' is your way of telling yourself that your last thought was truth, that your last word was wisdom,
that your last action was love."
_____ Neale Walsch


Maureen said...

I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday, Clyde, and to tell you again how much I enjoy your daily inspirations......well, most of them!
Birthdays are important, I think, it's a time of reflection and stocktaking, and should always be properly observed.

Happy Bluebird said...

Happy Birthday! We are almost birthday twins - what a beautiful time of year to celebrate. Your camera looks great - have fun taking great photos!

Ridgewoman said...

Oh Happy Natal day, my far-away friend; you will LOVE your new camera. I know how excited Bekah became when we gave her professional equipment for her BFA grad gift.

Bless you…and like Maureen, I like most of the sentiments and always love the photos…

happy tatting day, bj