Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday's Inspiration

This bench is reserved for anyone who enjoys the daily inspirations and would like a peaceful spot to ponder them.

"Relaxation and concentration go hand in hand. But too much concentration defeats itself. If you are truly relaxed, and allow the body and the unconscious to do their share, instead of working the conscious mind overtime, concentration can become effortless effort."
_____ Joe Hyams


Gina said...

And it's purple! Oh - I had forgotten - I was meditating yesterday and waves of purple kept coming up. Occasionally I will do a color meditation for someone, which means I ask what color they need (for healing, soothing, clarity or whatever) and a color will appear to me or an image which I connect to the person. It will usually take a shape or movement that I assume is helpful to the person. Oops, now you know a secret about me! LOL! I actually haven't purposely done it in quite awhile. The waves of purple reminded me yesterday and this purple bench reminded me of yesterday.

Sewicked said...

That's a lovely spot, Clyde. The only way that it could be better, for me, is if it were a swing.