Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tatting, Robbery and Inspiration

I am so glad I have tatting in my life. I have been so busy with physio and dealing with the robbery, that with the few spare moments I have I've been tatting and it is wonderful how it takes me away from all stress and makes me focus on how I can make nice things to give to others and put a smile on there face. Here is a picture of my progress with the doily I am working on.

A word of advice, Don't get Robbed. I just cannot believe how much work is involved after it has happened to file reports, get quotes, try and find receipts and then deal with the feelings of shock, violation, anger and loss of security. There is also the major inconvenience of not being able to use our back door so you have to go around the house to do anything in the backyard.

Our new door is on order because it is a weird size it has to be custom made. I sure hope it gets here fast.On to better things here is your inspiration for today.

"Careful! Even moonlight dewdrops, if you're lured to watch, are a wall before the truth"
_____ Sogyo


Eliz (tatknot) said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your robbery. It is so sad that the initial crime is just the beginning of a victim's sufferings. The doily is lovely.

Paige Marie said...

Lovely doily. Hopefully the recovering from getting robbed goes smoothly and you regain some feeling of security.

Kelly said...

I am still in awe of your tatting. You do such wonderful work, and I am always glad when you have something new to share with us!

Marty said...

Oooo, bad deal! The door you have is certainly pretty. I hope the thief gets absolutely NOTHING for his trouble but trouble.

Ridgetatter said...

Oh Clyde! I am so sorry; we were hit twice when we lived in rural northern California. It is such a personal invasion; and, as you said "all that paperwork"
Usually for naught. I hope your door comes soon.

Loyal is doing PT with his new hip also. He is experiencing some pain since getting over the staph infection. How are you doing with the hip?

Best wishes to you and good thoughts buddy, Bev

❦TattingChic said...

The tatted piece you are working on is beautiful! Sorry to hear about the robbery! I hear that feels so invasive on so many levels.
~TattingChic ♥

Clyde said...

Eliz you are so right about the crime being the beginning of the victim's suffering. It is horrible the feelings that you go through and then you have to deal with the insurance company and they like to assume that everyone who files a claim is trying to rip them off. Paige Marie you raise a good point. The feeling of security will take time. Kelly, you are so kind. I hope to be doing more tatting in the future so there should be more pictures in the near future. Marty, I am a firm believer karma and I see some bad karma coming the thieves way. Hi Bev, yes the personal violation is horrible and it is going to take awhile to heal from it. Like Loyal I also had an infection after the surgery, but, the hip is doing well and I improve daily and am starting to enjoy walks. Tatting Chic thank you for the compliment.

Happy Bluebird said...

So sorry about the robbery! I think the feelings you are left with are worse than the robbery itself sometimes - our cabin has been broken into so many times I don't even care to go there any more - sad.

Your doily looks nice - stress relief can be quite productive!