Thursday, August 25, 2016

Our Home

As promised here are a few pictures of the outside of our home. The grass was cut the day I took the pictures and when they cut the grass here they use a weed eater and take it down to ground level but in just a couple days it is green and thriving again. The first picture is the view we have from the back deck. Unfortunately the picture does not do it justice.

This is looking at our back deck.

This is one corner of our property that has a giant pear cactus, palm tree and monster lemon tree growing on it with a lily in front.

This lily puts up three stalks of flowers with 8 to 15 blooms on each.

Side view of our house.

This is the front with some of our collection of plants. 

These are the neighbors chickens which love to come to our property looking for a snack.

Hope you enjoyed these and my next post will be an update on our Hummingbirds with hopefully a video attached if I can figure out how to do it.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It looks like you have a peaceful retreat, Clyde! I look forward to seeing your hummingbird pictures. I noticed two hummingbirds flitting around our trumpet vine when I was walking last night. They're amazing creatures!

cepage1ca said...

Hi Diane, it is a very quiet retreat with mountains surrounding us and no light pollution so viewing the stars at night is amazing. A special thing about here is we are at 1050 meters above sea level so when it gets cloudy we are right in the middle of them and it is amazing to sit outside and enjoy the cooling mist.

Maureen said...

Your new home is inviting me in! - I love the colour and I've never seen a lemon tree with it's own resident lily. I'm happy to hear that there is someone to cut the grass for you.