Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Long Overdue

Yes this post is long overdue but life has not been treating me very kindly the past number of weeks but I am back now feeling much better. For this post I wanted to post a couple more orchid pictures but one of these are different than my regular orchid pictures because one of the these is growing on the May Apple Tree that is growing in our front yard. Also there are pictures of what is growing all around the trunk of the tree. On the next next post I will post a picture of the front and surroundings of our home in Panama.

The orchids on the tree.

 This is where the orchids are on the tree.

Here is the whole side of the tree.

This is the other side


Maureen said...

I'm sorry to read that you haven't been well, Clyde - hope you're on the mend now. You must be enjoying living in a beautiful place where orchids grow in the wild for your - and our - enjoyment!

cepage1ca said...

I really am it is so nice to be able to grow them outside year round and enjoy them everyday.