Friday, September 11, 2015

Rainy Season and Bird Nests

Well we have finally started rainy season. Usually it starts in April and this has been the latest it has ever started that people can remember and yet there are still people who do not believe that we are in a state of global warming and that it is affecting our climate.

When in rains here it is a full downpour where you can measure a couple of inches in an hour. The neat thing in El Valle is that the ditches are wide and deep and most are lined with cement so when the rain stops things dry up very fast letting you enjoy the outdoors until the next downpour. I thought an umbrella would be handy to have but it pours down so hard that it is useless. If you are out you are going to get soaked. You know you are getting heavy rain when your eavestroughs are 10" wide and 8" deep and they overflow.

Gregg went for a hike today and these are the birds nests that he saw.
Hope you enjoy. 

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Maureen said...

I have never seen nests like those! - who do they belong to? - there must be a reason they are built like that, to swing off the branches. It always impresses me how even the tiniest nest seems to survive out summer rains and winds. Birds are intelligent builders! It's spring here now, and we are being bothered by birds who nest on the ground. Plovers are territorial and aggressive in nesting season , so that you have to take great care to avoid upsetting them by getting too close - they have nasty spurs on their legs. The park at the top of our street is beautifully mowed by the council - except for a circle of grass almost knee-high now, right in the middle where the plovers are nesting. The local children have had to move their games further away!