Monday, May 11, 2015

Tatting and Spanish

When we first were planning on moving to Panama I thought I would teach myself to speak Spanish before we moved. Unfortunately I did not realize how much of my time was going to be taken up by planning the move so it did not happen. I have finally reached a point in time where I have decided that I need to make learning to speak Spanish a priority so I am trying to devote 30 minutes a day to doing this. We shall see how it goes with this old brain of mine. 
Now as promised a scan of my tatting WIP (work in progress). The pattern is from the book Tatting Theory and Patterns by Jan Stawasz and the pattern is called Doily 1 and the finished size when tatted in size 10 thread is a diameter of 80cm so mine will be a little smaller because I am using size 20 thread.


Marilee Rockley said...

Good to see your tatting! The photos of the flowers and birds around your new home in the tropics are beautiful.

God's Kid said...

Beautiful!! :)