Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lesson Learned

This Celtic Snowflake was designed by Ruth Perry for the year 2008. I don't know about other experienced tatters but I can now tat without looking at my tatting very much or so I thought. I was watching a very interesting show on television and as you can see I made A mistake in my tatting. Oh well, they say each snowflake is original and this one sure is.

The Quote for the day is;
"Whenever conscience speaks with a divided, uncertain, and disputed voice, it is not the voice of God.
Descend still deeper into yourself, until you hear nothing but a clear, undivided voice,
a voice that does away with doubt and brings with it persuasion, light and serenity."
_____ Henri F. Amiel

1 comment:

yarnplayer said...

Okay, I had to put the picture on the large magnification to find the mistake, for heaven's sake :-)