Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Canada. For me it is an opportunity to give thanks for the good and bad in my life that make it what it is. It may sound a bit crazy for being thankful for the bad, but I survived it, I have made peace with it as best as I can at this time and because I lived through it I have been blessed with a super caring and understanding personality. I have the gift of being able to help others through horrible things because I have been there. I have moved past the role of victim and now help those who are victimized.

So today I am thank full for the person I have become. A father with 2 great children. A listener for those who need one, a helper for those I can help. A person to turn to when life gets you down. A smile to help change that frown.

I would like to thank all my tatter friends who inspire me to be a better tatter. Thank you for your patterns, techniques, ideas and compliments. I count you among my best friends.


Art by JoyMac said...

Hello Clyde,

Happy Thanksgiving

I also beleive that we learn many things throughout the "Bad times" and I am thankful for that you I have also been there and now like to think that I can help others through their uphill climb..I admire you and love your tatting.
From one of your tatting friends
Joy (Audtralia)


Bonnie said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day, Clyde!

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Clyde, Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!! Your post is very honest and uplifting. I enjoy coming to your blog everyday and seeing such beauty in the pictures you post. Thank you for that.

Sewicked said...

Thank -you-, Clyde, for being the person and the inspiration that you are.

Linda S Davies said...

Well said, Clyde, and I hope you had a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day.
I shall be calling on your tatting skills when I have finished my latest doily. Would you be so kind as to test tat it for me to check out the pattern?

***Jon**** said...

And I am happy to know you, Clyde. I hope I am counted as a friend because you are one of mine.
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but it does not stop me from wishing you Happy Thanksgiving.

Clyde said...

Thank you all my friends. Your comments bring me great joy.