Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's Inspiration

"Worldly ups and downs should be treated as lightly as clouds gathering and breaking up."
_____ Anonymous


Appalachian Woman said...

Hi Clyde!

I am teaching a free tatting and Mary's Lace class at a downtown Baptist church the Tuesdays of Sept. I started with 13 the 1st class and tonite at the 2nd class we only had 8 - some wimped out ;) -
tonite i showed them needle tatting which they loved. But i always dishearten then, because i want them to learn the shuttle too, and they never go back to it.

well, i thot of you during the class and thot you would be interested.

always love your quotes!

tatting in ohio

Clyde said...

Hi Traci, I am glad you enjoy quotes. I am doing them in the hope that it helps people get through there day with a bit more positive outlook. Congratulations on being a tatting teacher. It can be a lot of work but for me I do not worry about how people tat. I just take joy in that I was able to share this art form to others.