Friday, October 16, 2009

Rock and Gem Show

A hobby that Gregg and I have is collecting rocks, semi-precious stones and fossils. We went to a show a couple of weekends a go and found a vendor with very reasonable prices and where able to add some interesting pieces to our collection. I was very happy to be able to purchase this large piece of Desert Rose that measures about 12" long x 8" deep x 7" high. It is so nice to have a rock specimen large enough to use as a table centre piece and conversation piece. Below is a short slide presentation of some other pieces that we purchased to add to our collection.

I hope you enjoyed the show and keep and eye on this blog for future shows of our Rock, Gem and Fossil collections. Happy tatting everyone and be sure to mention this blog to your friends.


singtatter said...

Are the rocks and stones in the slides all in your collection? Wow, how do you keep them? All in display glass cabinet? I like semi-precious stones, but I normally buy the cut and polished stones in various bead shapes.

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Clyde. That desert rose is fascinating. Your rock and gem collection is very nice. I like that fossil! It is very cool looking! I love flourite and have seen beads made of it that I would love to use in my tatting with just the right color of thread!

Clyde said...

Hi Singtatter, yes they are all part of our collection. In fact they are a very small part of our collection. I think our collection is probably over 750 pieces right now. A lot of them are displayed in clear glass display towers and glass topped display cases.Tattingchic I am planning on making Marilee's "Vision's" necklace with Fluorite and Jasper beads and Tourmaline HDT. I will be sure to post pictures when it is finished.

Tatskool said...

WOW! What a collection, I particularly like the polished fossil too.

Ridgetatter said...

Thank you for sharing. Dh and I go to the Rock and Gem shows annually, here in New Mexico. The Local group is the "Rolling Rocks" ~ we'd joined when we first arrived, thinking we'd love going rockhounding and then I became unable to trek up to their site at Burro Mountain.
Anyway, I too collect ~ on a much smaller scale. My most prized is a Thunderbird Egg )LARGE Geode) from the mountains in Oregon. My Father was a supervisor on building Cougar dam; and when they had a big shot ~ they flew through the air like cannon balls! So he brought home a pickup-bed full. My SILove took one to a rock cutter and although it took 45 minutes to make one cut, Richard had med size book ends (2 sets) made from the geode ~ and he still has the other half!
Inside wasn't common geode fare ~ It is a lemon yellow, solid with a lot of glints of gold and quartz; but not hollow! The local folk said each rock was probably worth several hundred dollars! I gave 1/2 of them to my daughter Kris and the other 1/2 to my Grandson, Chris. And of course, because HE ROCKS, Richard has one all his own.
Wish you could visit ~ we have a park about an hour away that allows rock hunting and you can take out 15 pounds of rock for each person.
Bev in New Mexico

Good Dirt Jewelry said...

What a wonderful collection, Clyde! I love rocks :) Very nice slideshow presentation too!

Jo :)

Carol Lawecki said...

Beautiful rocks & gems. Your slide presentation with the music was very nice. My favorite was the fossil. Thanks for showing the rocks.